If you're looking for breakthrough, out-of-the-box thinking on both promotional materials and marketing approaches, look no further than Jeff Gordon and his team. Imaginative and resourceful, you find that Jeff asks lots of intelligent questions and is a problem-solver rather than simply a vendor. He responds very quickly and leaves few stones unturned in his approach. Every client I have sent to Jeff has been enormously pleased, and he has handled my own projects with style, humor and professionalism. Plus he keeps his costs in line. What more could you ask?

  • Carol Worthington Levy
  • Worthington Levy Creative

We have been working with Promotion Design Group for well over eight years. Up until about six years ago, we were located in their local area. I have been so satisfied with their service and relationship that even though we moved across the US, I couldn't bring myself to change to a local vendor. They have made my life easier because they continued to give me the service that I had come to expect.

  • Sandy Kruse
  • American Metal Products

Thanks for suggesting that I give away "Marketing Genius" mugs at my seminars. Someone who attended one 4 years ago and got the mug just called to book me to do a seminar for their company. They said they thought of me again because of the mug! I think that adds up to more than $40,000 in business that I can actually track to people saying things like "I was in a meeting discussing a marketing problem, sipping coffee from my Marketing Genius mug, when I realized I should call you to see if you can help us solve the problem." Imagine how much additional business came that I couldn't track?

  • Mac McIntosh
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