Great Illustrations Make Great Mugs

  • Nov 26, 2019


Pen+Pine is an illustration company based in the quaint town of Eureka, California. The company’s founder, Jenna Catsos, focuses on creating “swoon-worthy” hand-drawn illustrations and turns them into gifts and keepsakes of a whimsical nature.


The company is dedicated to creating high-quality products in the most sustainable way possible. Everything is printed and produced as locally as possible, using recycled materials and eco-conscious processes.


So when Pen+Pine was looking for a vendor that could manufacture and print coffee mugs in the USA, they turned to BrightWise in Simi Valley.


Working together with BrightWise, Pen+Pine selected their 14oz. camp mug as the perfect canvas for their “It Might Be Whiskey” design. The illustration was created for Alchemy Distillery in Northern California. It features Pen+Pine’s unique line drawings and whimsical style, and tells the story of Alchemy Distillery - from their work with local farmers and their iconic stil, to their beautiful bottle design and the owner's recognizable hair and beard.


This unique mug with a full wraparound imprint was a custom design for the client, but other products adorned with Catsos fun illustrations are available for sale on their website including apparel, note cards, stickers, magnets and more.


Accoring to Catsos, "BrightWise offered incredible customer service and a high quality final product. All of the lines were crist and clear, and they were very comjuicative throughout the process. Finding American made products at a reasonable price can be challenging, but BrightWise made it easy. They were a joy to work with and I will be using their services again."


For more information on Pen+Pine products, see their website at For information on ceramic mugs produced completely in the USA, visit For information on Alchemy Distillers, visit








Jenna Catsos - Founder



 Original design turned into virtual sample of mug




Finished Mug



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